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This community was made for writers (primarily fanfiction writers) to post whatever scrap of writing they wanted, daily. The idea is-- a 'serious' writer should get lots of consistent practice; this place exists to encourage our dedication to the task by providing a sense of communal effort and/or support. It's about doing a variable word-count at a time, but hopefully doing it, day after day.

So go and practice writing!

Write nonsense, write unconnected scenes that no one would 'get' out of context, write pieces of a work in progress or completed ficlets, write poetry or prose or an autobiographical sketch-- but write! Not for comments or readers or teeming minions, but for the pleasure of it; the satisfaction of consistent creativity.

Bits & pieces are totally fine. Just. Scribble! Make a really creative laundry list! That sort of thing.

The pieces could be as long or short as you like, whether original fic or fanfic. Anything, as long as it's creative writing, and as long as it's posted as a sort of writer's log.

Post writers' issues, too-- what issues you're having (writer's block-wise) that day, or what plot/characterization tangle's driving you mad at the moment. Maybe someone can help-- or maybe just writing it out can help.

It could be friends-locked so that the public at large didn't see any embarrassing bits or pieces of a WIP. You wouldn't have to put the community on watch-- 'cause the point is to post, not necessarily read to comment. Writer support would be an option.

This won't work if the people who sign up don't write something every day they have any tiny scrap of time-- which should be at least 3-4 days a week if not 7. Joining would basically be a commitment.

Say-- as an experiment, we can have a 'writ-a-thon' for the summer. Try to write something daily-- anything-- for the rest of the summer, and post it as an encouragement to yourself & others.

Please don't join just to lurk. I made this community 'closed' so that people think twice about joining, even though I'd have to work harder to maintain it.