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*waves* First post.

So, um yeah. Hi.

This morning, I clicked the "join community" button before I could stop myself because I've never been able to write drabbles/snippets continuously for whatever reason (writer's block, no inspiration..etc..). But I'm starting college next year and I'm seriously considering majoring in English literature, hoping to maybe write novels and the like.

I really hope that this community does me good. :)

Anyway, here's a 892 word...thing, I guess. Wrote it sometime last week. Original piece.

There’s no one else awake except you and I. Actually, you’re only half-awake; dozing, your head leans against the window. I look at you every few seconds and smile, but I keep my eyes on the road for the majority.

There are sparsely vegetated, rocky hills to my left and a 300-foot drop-off on your right. Don’t worry; I’m driving well below the speed limit with the high beams on.

You murmur something in your drowsy state-of-mind and I chuckle to myself. You’ve got a little bit of drool coming out of the corner of your mouth as well, but it’s a cute sort of drooling – if those can exist. You can be the special exception.

You always are.

Finally, I pull into the semi-circled parking lot just as you snuggle further into your fleece blanket. You made me buy it for you when you didn’t have enough money on you at the time. It was the only one left with soccer balls on it. I grudgingly paid for it and told you that it would be your early birthday present. You laughed at me because you knew I’d get you another present anyway when your birthday rolled around. When you hugged me so gratefully after we walked out of the store, I knew it too.

You always did get your way.

I turn off the car and sit there for a few seconds, watching the window fog up from the chill outside, and listening to the soft puffs of your breathing. You open your eyes when you realize that the car has stopped moving and so have I.

You ask me gently if we’ve arrived; I smile and nod in response.

I put on an extra layer of mittens over my already gloved hands and open the door, the sound of pebbles crunching under my feet loud in the silence of the early morning.

I take a deep breath and close my eyes, a shiver running up my spine. The temperature change was too much between the car and outside I guess. But I didn’t want you to be cold, so I turned on the heat. Your cheeks turned red not because of the cold, but the warmth. It suits you.

Everything always suits you.

I walk along the cemented pathway, my hands inside my pocket to keep them warmer still. I guess there is a downfall to being too thin. Perhaps you know what that’s like too.

I find a bench at the end, off to the side. There is still a good amount of morning dew left like a fine sheet of ice, spread smoothly and elegantly over it.

Deciding I did not need a wet bottom, my eyes wander in front of it where a patch of dry gravel lay. It would do, so I sit myself down and wrap my arms around my knees. I rest my head forward and close my eyes again. This time, to wait.

I had always told you that I wanted to see the sun rise over the Grand Canyon. When you realized how much it really meant to me, you promised we would go before we all went our separate ways to college. I was touched at the thought and when you came up to me and said that you had blocked two whole weeks to actually go, I became speechless.

You were always so selfless.

So here we are. We arrived yesterday after driving for ten hours straight. You let me sleep for the last two while you drove, with nothing but the fuzzy jazz on the radio to keep you company. Before we drifted off in our compact-size tent, you softly told me that we would waste no time and go see the sunrise the very next day. You kept me to your promise by waking me up at 4Am this morning. There were heavy bags underneath your eyes and you were obviously very tired; but you wouldn’t give up and prodded and poked me until my eyes opened. You really were adamant about getting me what I wanted.

You always treated me like a princess.

I sit here, my nose getting cold and turning pink at the tip. I breathe in and out, white smoke appearing before my face. I don’t see them, I feel them instead.

I also feel you.

I feel you standing behind me, watching me through heavy-lidded eyes. You finally move and sit next to me, on my right. My eyes open and there you are, mirroring me, wrapped up tightly in your blanket.

You stare; I stare back. Another grin plays at my lips and I find myself fighting to keep it back. Seeing this, your eyes sparkle and the corners of your mouth pull back ever so slightly into a brilliant smile that just lights up your entire face. As much as that phrase is used, I’ve never really seen it happen on anyone except you.

You’ve always been beautiful like that.

You open your blanket to me and I lean in, my head falling against your shoulder as I do so. You rest your chin on me while slowly rubbing my arms.

You ask me if you’re late as the first glimpses of light peek over the edge of the canyon.

No, I say, you’re just in time.

You always are.

Some shaky parts, but I really like it.
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