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The woes of Ronald Weasley

This is very unbetaed. Wrote this last night when I couldn't sleep.

Ron couldn’t remember when he realized that he was in love with Harry Potter. He supposed it just happened one day, just a natural progression from him being an eager little boy desperate for a friend of his own to the young man who would defend, kill or die to protect Harry. The trouble was that Ron couldn’t bring himself tell Harry. See, there wasn’t much time for romance when one had to save the Wizarding World. So he hung back, lending a hand here, killing a death eater there. Until the end, when Harry had to face Voldemort alone and even then, Ron was there: waiting in wings, picking up the pieces when Harry almost lost it all and finally taking him home. There as he carefully laid Harry’s broken body in his bed, placing soft kisses on his now scar less head, he murmured I love you, I will always love you.

Harry disappeared after that. Oh, he would occasionally send owls, just so no one would worry, but it was quite clear that he wanted to be left alone. Hermione said it was a good thing. Harry needed to get over the trauma, needed time alone to heal. Ron didn’t disagree, but couldn’t help feeling lost without Harry’s presence.

Thus, Ron spent his time after the war trying to think as little as possible about Harry. He tried a relationship with Hermione, even going so far as to ask her to marry him. It ended badly, their friendship barely survived it and it was something the Ron will always regret. After that, Ron vowed never to get close anyone ever again. He dated plenty, became a bit of a ladies man and had himself photographed in Daily Prophet’s Wizarding society page from time to time. Eligible war hero bachelor and all that. There were nights, though, when he would occasionally bring men home. He was sure no one knew about those. Except Ginny, he was pretty sure she knew.

Life went on and Ron found himself selling brooms for Firebolt, Inc., purveyors of high-performance brooms. Really, it was a job Ron couldn’t have been better suited for. His easy charm and natural enthusiasm for all things quidditch made him one of the country’s top salespeople. Soon, Ron found himself living in a large flat in a converted cauldron factory and finally having the galleons he always dreamed of. Enough money for a posh entertainment system, some nice clothes that Ginny helped pick out and a Mediterranean holiday for his Mum and Dad fortieth wedding anniversary.

Really, Ron was finally starting to feel good about his life when Draco Malfoy walked in to the showroom one day demanding to test ride their latest model. Firebolt G3000.
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