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(killing Draco)

Heyo! I wrote H/D-actually-in-love!sex, for once. Whadya know? Pigs do fly. Of course, I always said so, anyway, so hmph.

This is, of course, all malafede's fault, ahahahaha, because DRACO IS SUCH A SODDING PRAT, dammit. So there. There's only one thing Harry could do when he's that frustrated. Yes, the answer is, 'fuck him'.

He was just coming through the door when he heard the softest whisper.


Harry moaned at the back of his throat, stumbling a little in his approach. He reached out with his hand, trailing gentle fingertips across Draco's mouth. "Want you so fucking much. God--" He kneeled on the bed across from Draco, drinking in the sight of his naked body. He'd taken off his pants and trousers on the way, and now their cocks bobbed their greetings at each other in the old familiar language. He shivered slightly, giving his cock a single helpless stroke. "Do you have any idea?"

He cupped Draco's cheek before he could speak, leaning forward to trail kisses along his jaw and down his cheekbone. He licked at the corner of Draco's mouth, biting slightly and shuddering when Draco pulled him flush against his body, making a soft, almost kittenish noise that drove Harry mad. "Don't talk--" Draco whispered into his mouth, darting out his tongue almost shyly to slide wetly along Harry's own. At that moment, Harry would've done anything for him.

They'd laid down with Harry half on top of him, and their hips were grinding almost gently. Harry ran his hands up and down Draco's sides with a sort of quiet frenzy, as if he'd never see him again or had never touched him before.

Harry kept muttering "God" over and over, his heart beating so fast he thought it'd trip right out of his chest. This felt different, somehow, and scary, and yet he wasn't afraid of the feeling because Draco felt so warm and soft and real underneath his fingers, and he was making quiet, choked-off noises and not trying to make Harry move any faster. He could tell Draco was trembling, and he was seized with
the intense desire to kiss and lick and worship every single inch of Draco's skin until he glowed; until there was no place on him that wasn't loved and explored and possessed in every way.

He kissed carefully, mapping the contours of the sides of Draco's neck and lower, down his bony chest until he reached the tight, hard nipple and started to lick in fast little laps, grinning against the other's warm skin when Draco whimpered delightfully and squirmed against him.

He wasn't trying to fight the painfully slow speed just yet, as if he knew this was what Harry needed right now.

When Harry finally bit down on Draco's tiny pink nipple in playful quick nips, Draco did thrash against him, his voice turning almost reedy with frustration. "Nnngh-- b-bastard-- just fuck-- oh god, aaahhhh-- fuck me already--!"

Harry only licked lower, to thrust his tongue with a languid precision into Draco's belly-button in small, rhythmic jabs. Draco's leaky cock pressed against Harry's neck now and he had to bite the inside of his lip to keep himself from just devouring it while his saliva pooled at the corners of his mouth. His hands shook violently before he clenched them around Draco's hips, moving the thumbs in small, soothing circles, though that was mostly to soothe the frantic pitch of his own desperation.

"Wanna make love to you for ages," he mumbled, still tongue-fucking Draco's over-stimulated navel. "Make this last-- mmmn-- brainwashing, right?"

"H-Harry-- I--"

Draco had that keening, desperately sexy tone that meant he was very close. Harry's own balls tightened against his thighs, and he whimpered as he felt Draco's wet cockhead jump against his chin. Unable to resist, he stuck out his tongue, swiping widely across the tip of Draco's cock. He nearly gurgled when Draco's hips bucked violently and he yelled something incoherent, giving a loud, throaty whine as the whole head popped past Harry's parted lips.

He didn't have much chance to react before Draco screamed and thrust upwards repeatedly, fucking his mouth with abandon as the thick, bitter spurts of come coated Harry's tongue. He swallowed reflexively, his fingers cupped and ever so gently kneading at Draco's clenching bollocks. At some point he'd stuck a sweat-slick finger up Draco's hole up to the first knuckle almost absent-mindedly, humming softly around Draco's half-hard prick as it continued to twitch between his lips.

"Mmmm," Harry sighed, leaning his cheek against Draco's dampened thigh. "Now-- now I fuck you stupid," he said contentedly, licking at the nearest patch of salty flesh.

"Nnnnn," Draco said intelligently.

Harry's finger, still buried in Draco's tight body, twitched happily. "Yeah," he breathed. "Who needs a virgin spell, anyway?" he smirked, thrusting hard into Draco's arsehole and grinning when his boyfriend yelped like the coy schoolboy he was.
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